Ballast Recycling Made Easy

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Got Old Ballasts?

We’ll get your old ballasts recycled into reusable products. Waste Diversion is a leading provider of efficient, cost effective and turn-key solutions that helps its clients divert universal hazardous waste and hard to recycle waste from landfills. 

Items Accepted

Waste Diversion has helped many of its clients recycle ballasts. We can accept almost all kinds of ballasts, including:
  • Ballasts with DEHP
  • Non-PCB Ballasts
  • Electronic Ballasts
  • Magnetic Ballasts
PCB Ballasts cannot be recycled and need to be properly disposed of. Please call us for more information.

Ballast Recycling Facts

  • Most ballasts are considered scrap metal
  • Ballasts produced after 1978 are considered to be PCB free
  • PCB ballasts usually have a yellow label and are considered hazardous waste
  • Steel is known to be one of the most common materials to be recycled in the world
  • Approximately 88% of scrap steel in North America gets recycled, according to the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI)
  • Approximately 60% of energy usage is reduced if steel manufacturers use recycled steel to produce new steel in comparison to using no recycled steel at all 

Call the experts

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Ballast Recycling Matters

Ballasts produced after 1978 are considered to be PCB free; however, some rare ballasts produced after 1978 can contain DEHP. These are called “wet ballasts” and need to be managed properly. DEHP is an odorless, clear liquid, which can cause environmental and health problems if not recycled properly. DEHP and “wet ballasts” have to be recycled by an approved facility. 

Same Day Service

We’re waiting for your call. Through our partners, we can provide the transportation versatility to match any loading area and we can be there within 24 hours from receiving your call.

Whether you have a loading dock, a forklift or require inside pickup service, we are equipped to handle the task. We are equipped to meet a wide range of waste management and recycling challenges across North America. Your lamp waste is just a phone call away from being out of your way. 

No Counting Required

Waste Diversion prices by weight. The benefits of price by the pound to your company are as follows:

  • No counting required
  • Accurate pricing
  • Gives you the actual tons of waste diverted from landfill

Reach out to us for your free estimate: 1-877-495-9914

Know How Much You Recycled

We will provide you with detailed Certificates of Recycling with each work order. Should you require it, we can provide you with yearly Testaments of Recycling Activity. These will combine all the items you recycled with Waste Diversion in a specific period of time.